Due to the Caronavirus, we will hold virtual services on the Takoma Park Chapel's Facebook page. Please join us Sunday at 11 LIVE on Facebook.
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Come Grow With Us!
The Takoma Metaphysical Chapel is a non-judgmental place of love where all people can feel safe exploring their spirituality. We support the spiritual growth and development of all people and respect all religious and spiritual traditions. We provide ministry and education for our members, friends, and the community through our example and our services, based on spiritual principles.
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Sunday Service Times
Our weekly Sunday Celebration services are held at 11:00 am, with Spiritual Healing and Meditation at 10:30 am. We welcome you to attend! Our services include uplifting music, an inspirational message, readings from sacred texts such as the Bible, A Course In Miracles, or other Spiritual texts, and an inspirational message from either our Senior Minister, Rev. Jim Webb, or one our very talented Guest Speakers. Designed to touch your heart and uplift your spirit, you can make new friends and socialize with “like-minded” individuals. Receive unique spiritual solutions to common daily challenges and make a stronger connection with your higher power.
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Our Ministries
We believe in Infinite Intelligence. In seeking a closer understanding of the Divine, we have studied and revived the worship of the Divine Feminine and Her many forms from around the world and across time. The Divine Feminine, the Ancient Mother, defined, described, and worshiped in many ancient and living religions called to us. During the Goddess services we open ourselves to the Divine Feminine.
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Prosperity Stories
An interfaith spiritual community has joined together to share their stories of how the Divine has touched their lives in simple and profound ways. They have created a lovely, illustrated book of stories with many simple voices that express the amazing moments in their lives in their own words. This book makes a perfect gift for anyone looking for inspiration. Get your copy today!
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Welcome to the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel, where we welcome all people from every faith and walk of life to join in our non-judgemental environment of love. Here, we share a sense of spirituality and one-ness, and thrive together as one community coming together with the goal of supporting and promoting a place of peace.
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Service Times
» Celebration Services - Weekly Sundays, 11:00am
» Spiritual Healing and Meditation - Weekly Sundays, 10:30am
» Goddess Service - Third Sundays Monthly, 7:30pm

We invite you to stay for Messages, refreshments and fellowship immediately following services!
March 22 @ 11
Virtual Service (Facebook Live)
Revs. Webb & Tootle
During March, we celebrate the rebirth of the "Christ Consciousness" within each of us by exploring and experiencing Characteristics of Christ. On Sunday, Rev. Cynthia Tootle and Rev. Jim Webb will present Cultivating Compassion. This unique experience, using the energy of Kwan Yin, enables us to experience more compassion for ourselves and to share that compassion with others to heal ourselves and our world. If there are parts of your inner consciousness that need to be heard, affirmed, loved and treated with compassion, then the energy of this unique service can support your healing and uplfitment. Please join us for this VIRTUAL SERVICE on Facebook LIVE 11:00. On Sundays at 11 am, we will now meet virtually on FACEBOOK Live. Just go to the Chapel's Facebook Page and join us there.
Sunday March 15
Annual Meeting Postponed/Coronavirus Policy
Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, we realize that many of you would like to participate in our annual meeting remotely. However, to do so, we need time to “shore up” our technological infrastructure to enable you to participate fully in a remote meeting and to have the information (e.g. budget, etc.) at your fingertips that you will be asked to approve. Therefore, we are postponing our Annual Meeting until May 17. We will keep you updated as we move closer to the date. In the meantime, you can join or renew your membership easily. Membership simply confirms what you have already affirmed – that you are a part of this wonderful spiritual community. Membership also gives you many privileges, including discounts on classes and workshops, priority to capacity constrained events and the opportunity to vote at the annual meeting so that you can have a say in the direction of YOUR Chapel. So please, go to our website right now ( and click the make a donation button. Donate the $35 (or $50 for a family) Membership donation and we’ll fill out your membership information for you. Since no one will be denied membership due to the inability to pay, if you make a donation of any amount and put on the memo “MEMBERSHIP” we will honor your membership registration. TPC Coronavirus Policy The first 6 words of the Chapel’s Mission Statement are: The Chapel is a safe place…. We care about your spiritual safety as well as your physical safety and our mission is to maintain both. We would NEVER ask you to compromise either, which is why we offer many of our activities (including Sunday Services) via conference call or Facebook Live. Therefore, during the Coronavirus Outbreak, you can still participate in most activities. At this time, we will not cancel Sunday Services or most activities because they are the “small group” activities that propose less risk than larger gatherings. However, if you choose to participate in person, we have established the following practical safety and sanitation processes: Greeters will greet you with hand sanitizer, and during Holy Hugs, we will now place our hands in prayer position and greet each other with NAMASTE’, which can invoke the love of God to counteract any unconscious fear that this temporary change in behavior may trigger. Chapel staff and all attendees will also be invited to sanitize their hands during the prosperity stories before offerings as well. These policies will go into effect immediately, and will hold for all Chapel gatherings including Sunday Services, classes, workshops and Hospitality (where our wonderful Hospitality Volunteers already observe stringent food safety and sanitation protocols). We believe they strike a comfortable between practical safety and spiritual awareness (e.g. Trust God but lock your car and take your keys). During this time, if you choose to participate remotely, our brick and mortar financial commitments continue (e.g. expenses for the Chapel House, rent for our Sunday facility, etc.). Therefore, we ask that you make online donations to support the Chapel so that we can continue to support you spiritually. There are many ways to do so. You can go to our website ( and click the make a donation button, or you can go directly to PayPal and make the payment to You can also mail your donation to the Chapel at 1901 Powder Mill Rd., Silver Spring MD 20903. However you choose to share your good with the Chapel, we appreciate your kindness, generosity and ongoing support. May God continue to bless you. Also, please join us prior to Sunday Services for our Course In Miracles Study Group. Each week, we cover illuminating wisdom from the TEXT of A Course In Miracles in practical ways that enable us to use it in our lives for the greatest good of all. You can join us live, or virtually by calling the conference bridge at 712-775-7000 x635833#
Mondays/Thursdays @ 7:30
Healing Childhood Issues/Opening To Channel

A Beautiful Story of Healing Recently, on our morning A Course In Miracles call, one of the callers shared a beautiful story of healing. During the healing meditation that is often a part of the call, she experienced a loving force asking her why she "held herself back". She immediately became aware of an event that happened when she was 5 years old and was reprimanded by her parent, and realized that that traumatic experience and the script that she created as a result had echoed in her life causing herself to hold herself back from her joy and fulfillment. The caller then shared that she felt like in that "holy instant" the loving force (which she referred to as God's psychologist) reached into her and helped her to heal that trauma and change the script so that she could give herself permission to be happy and fulfilled. This experience is not unlike what you will experience in my upcoming class Spirit Speaks on Healing Childhood Issues. If you have unresolved childhood issues that are holding you back from the joy and fulfillment you desire, then this class is for you. In this 6 week class, you will have multiple opportunities create a safe space for that aspect of your consciousness, and spirit will work directly with you and your specific challenge to support your healing and transformation. This is a very powerful journey, and it begins on March 16 @ 7:30 at 1901 Powder Mill Rd. in Silver Spring or via Conference Call. Suggested Donation $200 Members / $225 Friends). Walk-ins welcomed at $25 per class, and you can save $50 on this price with your pre-registration and pre-payment. Here is more information. Price includes admission to Opening to Channel which can help you do develop your spiritual insights and intuition. Come in person, or join us on the conference line 712-775-7000 x635833, where you will receive recordings of each session with your registration. Opening to Channel Continues (Live or via Conference Call) This ongoing series of classes and experiences will help you to accept, develop and use the spiritual energy and intuitive gifts with which you were imbued. Through series' of exercises, discussions and experiences, you will understand, deepen and express your spiritual nature more freely and abundantly. As a result, you will cultivate an ongoing sense of well-being, gain insights into yourself and your world, feel the loving presence of spirit and learn to receive and interpret spiritual messages. No matter where you are on the spectrum of spirituality, this class can help you to open and develop further. Join us on Thursday evenings at 7:30 beginning March Suggested Donation ($200 Members / $225 Friends) and you can save $50 on this price with your pre-registration and pre-payment. Here is more information. Price includes admission to Spirit Speaks on Healing Childhood Issues as well. Come in person, or join us on the conference line 712-775-7000 x635833, where you will receive recordings of each session with your registration.