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Come Grow With Us!
The Takoma Metaphysical Chapel is a non-judgmental place of love where all people can feel safe exploring their spirituality. We support the spiritual growth and development of all people and respect all religious and spiritual traditions. We provide ministry and education for our members, friends, and the community through our example and our services, based on spiritual principles.
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Sunday Service Times
Our weekly Sunday Celebration services are held at 11:00 am, with Spiritual Healing and Meditation at 10:30 am. We welcome you to attend! Our services include uplifting music, an inspirational message, readings from sacred texts such as the Bible, A Course In Miracles, or other Spiritual texts, and an inspirational message from either our Senior Minister, Rev. Jim Webb, or one our very talented Guest Speakers. Designed to touch your heart and uplift your spirit, you can make new friends and socialize with “like-minded” individuals. Receive unique spiritual solutions to common daily challenges and make a stronger connection with your higher power.
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Our Ministries
We believe in Infinite Intelligence. In seeking a closer understanding of the Divine, we have studied and revived the worship of the Divine Feminine and Her many forms from around the world and across time. The Divine Feminine, the Ancient Mother, defined, described, and worshiped in many ancient and living religions called to us. During the Goddess services we open ourselves to the Divine Feminine.
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Prosperity Stories
An interfaith spiritual community has joined together to share their stories of how the Divine has touched their lives in simple and profound ways. They have created a lovely, illustrated book of stories with many simple voices that express the amazing moments in their lives in their own words. This book makes a perfect gift for anyone looking for inspiration. Get your copy today!
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Welcome to the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel, where we welcome all people from every faith and walk of life to join in our non-judgemental environment of love. Here, we share a sense of spirituality and one-ness, and thrive together as one community coming together with the goal of supporting and promoting a place of peace.
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Service Times
» Celebration Services - Weekly Sundays, 11:00am
» Spiritual Healing and Meditation - Weekly Sundays, 10:30am
» Goddess Service - Third Sundays Monthly, 7:30pm

We invite you to stay for Messages, refreshments and fellowship immediately following services!
March 17 @ 11
10501 New Hampshire Ave
Getting Out Of The Way Of Your Faith
What Are You Doing? What life are you creating for yourself through your choices? What are you feeding yourself Spiritually to help you make your choices? These are some of the questions that will be answered by Sunday's Sermon at the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel. Getting Out Of The Way Of Faith, delivered by Rev. Lisa Rae Brooks, is based on the sacred teaching "If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you. (John 15?7) and will provide you with ways to tap into the divine power to create the life you desire. So please join us Sunday and invite your friends and families as well. Currently, on Sundays, we meet at 10,501 New Hampshire Ave., in Silver Spring MD 20903 Please join us for this inspiring service and invite your friends and families.
March 18 & 21
1901 Powder Mill Road
Spirit Speaks/Course In Happiness
We all seek happiness, and Happiness is God's will for us (according to A Course In Miracles). This series of courses will enable of to allow God's will of happiness by delivering spiritual teachings directly from Spirit, powerful healing energies and exercises, and practical teachings from A Course In Miracles so that we can all chart our path of happiness and manifest it in all areas of our lives. Spirit Speaks on Happiness will be held each Monday at 7:30 for 6 weeks, and The Miracle of Happiness will be held each Thursday for 6 weeks. Both are held at 1901 Powder Mill Rd. in Silver Spring MD 20903, or via conference call at 712-775-7000 x635833#, and if you register for one, you can take the other free of charge (there is also a $50 Discount for pre-registration and pre-payment. Here is more information on Spirit Speaks on Happiness. Here is Here is more information. on The Miracle of Happiness. We look forward to your expanding happiness.
M - F @ 6:55
A Miracle A Day
712-775-7000 x635833#
A Course In Miracles is a life-changing course of transformation that can heal your life, your view of yourself and your view of your world, helping you to create a life of joy, fulfillment and loving satisfaction. Each morning we hear and discuss a lesson from the Course, and include prayer, meditation and healng work. Please join us at 6:55 am for the call that begins at 7. Call 1-712-775-7000 x635833# there are resources describing prior lessons and other meditations if you'd like to try that out before joining the call. Just go to the Media tab at the top of this page. Here is more information. Here is the lesson we are featuring today: ACIM 204 Also, we hold an A Course In Miracles study group each Sunday morning at 9:30 am at 1901 Powder Mill Road. Also, please join us on Sunday Mornings at 1901 Powder Mill Rd. from 9:30 to 10:30 am for a live study group where we explore the text for A Course In Miracles. You can also call into this session as well.